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Baltimore, MD Washing Machine Repair

All–Pro Appliance Repair is a leader in washing machine repairs in Baltimore, MD, with experience working on every major brand and model of washing machine currently on the market. Call us today for immediate attention for all of your washing machine repair needs.

Baltimore, MD Washing Machine Motor Repair & Replacement

The motor is the most active component in your washing machine. Not only does it spin at rates up to 800 RPMs during damp dry cycles, but it turns in reverse for agitator cycles that require constant transmission shifts. Because of the stress put on the motor, it is possible that at some point you may need repair of a bad bearing, pulley or electrical component. In certain situations, the entire motor assembly may need replacement. In any case, if you’re having any problem with your washing machine, call All–Pro for immediate assistance.

Baltimore, MD Washing Machine Leak Repair

If your washing machine starts to leak, there are a number of potential causes of the leak. For this reason, you want a professional who can quickly inspect your washing machine and find the source of the leak before it gets worse. For expert washing machine leak repair in Baltimore, MD, call All–Pro today. We will quickly inspect your washer, find the source of the leak and do a thorough checkup of the machine to ensure no more leaks occur.

Baltimore, MD Washing Machine Door Repair

Small problems like bad gaskets, warped hinges or bad door latches can have an immediate impact on the overall effectiveness of your washing machine, in some cases keeping it from working at all. That’s why you need the experts at All–Pro to inspect and repair your washing machine door issues as soon as possible.

Call us today whether you’re having a problem with the washer door, a leak or some other issue like water failing to drain or the washer not moving through its cycles properly. Our technicians have years of experience repairing washer problems of all types in Baltimore, MD. Call us today to schedule service.

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