We depend on our water heaters to provide rapid hot water in several parts of our home: dishwashers, laundry washer, as well as in our showers and bathtubs. Although we don’t typically drink hot water from the tap, ensuring its quality is nevertheless important. There are a few signs that you should look out for which could indicate that your water heater is reducing the quality of your home’s water. All-Pro Appliance Repair offers comprehensive water heater repair in Washington. We can quickly figure out what the problems are with your hot water heater and get them fixed fast.

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Washington

Like all water using appliances, your water heater requires routine inspection and maintenance. Without it, the quality of your home hot water could suffer. Here are some common ways in which a faulty water heater can make for poor water quality:

  • Rusty water. If your hot water has rust in it, there is probably a significant rust problem in your tank. The anode rod, also known as the sacrificial anode, may have dissolved and the water is beginning to rust the inside of your water heater. This is a major problem, which needs immediate professional care and usually requires that you replace the unit.
  • Traces of sediment. Over time, sediment like silicates and sand can build up in the bottom of your water heater. Without periodic flushing, you may find mineral debris in your hot water. While this may be frequently repaired by flushing the system, if left too long, it can seriously damage your heater.
  • Strong odor. If your water has a strong odor, somewhat like rotten eggs, there may be a bacterial infection inside the tank, which feeds on the hydrogen emitted from the anode rod. Your water heater technician may need to install a new anode rod.

Depending on the nature of your water heater problem, your repair specialist will recommend that you either repair the system or replace it. At All-Pro Appliance Repair, we are able to advise clients on a wide range of water heater solutions, from installation to maintenance. We specialize in quality water heater repair in Washington and would love to help get your water heater working well again. Call us today.