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Your water heater is an important part of your home. Without it, you’d be hard pressed to find a convenient or easy way to take showers, wash dishes or run a load of laundry. So, it’s vital that when a problem occurs or starts to appear, you call someone you can trust to fix your water heater quickly and effectively.

For water heater repair in the greater Washington D.C. area, call the company more homeowners trust – All–Pro Appliance Repair. With highly trained technicians always on call and the best parts and tools in the industry, we have the skills and resources needed to quickly fix any problem you might have. Call us today to learn more about our Washington D.C. water heater repair services.

Did you know that you can lower your energy bills by reducing the temperature on your water heater? Most households only need water to be heated to 120 degrees, and since most manufactures set the water heater thermostat to 140, you can lower your water heater temperature 20 degrees and save up to 10 percent in energy costs! If you don’t know how to turn down your water heater or you are having any problems with it, give us a call today!

Hot Water Heater Replacement vs. Service

Most homeowners have tank water heaters – those large white cylinders that hold anywhere from 30 to 80 gallons of water at a steady temperature (usually between 120 and 130 degrees F) so it’s always available when you need it. On average, a tank water heater is expected to last up to 11 years with regular maintenance. So, if your water heater is much older than 11 years and is starting to have problems, keep in mind that it may be time for replacement.

For those with newer water heaters, there may be a problem with the device that can be repaired for much less than the cost of replacement.

Water Heater Problems

Water heaters are prone to a variety of problems, and our technicians are trained to repair them all, but the following items are among the more common we see:

  • No Hot Water – If you have no hot water at all, it is probably either a heating element (if your device is electric) or a gas thermocouple (if it is gas powered). Either problem is a relatively simple repair for our techs. You should never try to repair your own water heater, especially if it’s gas powered.
  • Wrong Temperature – Your thermostat is supposed to set the water heater temperature so if it is set properly and the water is not hot enough or worse yet, too hot, you may have a bad thermostat. Your repair person can test the heating element (or thermocouple) first and then check the thermostat to ensure it is working properly.
  • Excess Noise – If your water heater makes excess noise, it can be a number of things. The most common problem is sediment build up inside the tank. From hard water or old pipes, this sediment will settle in the tank and then burn off when the heating elements turn on. Some noises, however, can be signs of parts wearing down. Always call a professional to check on a strange noise in your tank before you ignore it.

Water heater problems are usually easy to fix, but only if you act quickly and have them inspected. Regular maintenance can help ensure the device continues working properly for its full lifespan. Having the tank drained once a year, excess sediment cleaned out and heating elements tested can save you a lot of hassle down the road.

Water Heater Repair Company

For expert in water heater repair services company in Arlington, VA, Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding area, All–Pro is the company to call. Boasting some of the best trained technicians in the region and top notch technology to get the job done right, we can inspect, fix and if necessary replace your water heater quickly. If you are having any issues with your water heater, call us today to learn more about our Virginia, maryland, Washington DC and Gaithersburg water heater repair services.