It’s a simple thing, but the door to your washing machine is a necessity if you want to run a load of clothes. Think about it. If the door doesn’t latch, your machine won’t start. In some cases, it will turn on but will leak water, especially if it is a front loader. For these reasons, it’s important to have your washer repaired quickly by professional as soon as you notice a problem.

That’s where All–Pro Appliance Repair comes in. We have the best trained technicians in the greater Washington D.C. area and we’re always here to inspect and fix whatever washing machine door issues you are having fast. Whether your washer door won’t close, gets jammed or is causing you any other problems, call us today.

Washer Door Problems

The most common washing machine door problem you will find is that it simply doesn’t close anymore. The latch itself can be broken or jammed or the door might have come off one of the hinges or could be warped or bent from being hit.

There are a variety of types of washing machine doors as well. Front loading washing machines have latching doors like dryers and often have a clear plastic or glass space through which you can see them operating. Over time the latch takes a pounding so these types of washing machine doors can be more prone to problems.

Another common problem is the gasket or door seal. The gray or black rubber lining that wraps around your washing machine’s door is designed to provide an air tight seal when you close the latch. If it comes loose or gets old and sticky, water can get beneath it – even leaking out of the device entirely. Whatever the cause and the symptoms, you’ll want a new gasket installed to avoid potential further damage to your washing machine.

Washing Machine Repair Technicians

If your washing machine won’t stay closed or if the device is leaking water through the door, you should call us to inspect the device and quickly repair the problem. These are not issues that go away on their own. More often than not they simply continue to get worse and eventually your device won’t be usable at all.

For those living in Arlington, Virginia, Gaithersburg, Maryland and washington DC the surrounding area, the washing machine door repair services experts at All–Pro are here to help. Our trained experts have worked with all types of washing machine doors and are standing by, ready to repair yours no matter what the problem. Don’t wait until your washing machine can’t close at all or you’ve got a major leak. Give us a call today and learn how our trained experts can fix your washing machine door and any other components, ensuring your washer will continue running smoothly for years to come.