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Amana Dryer Replacement & Repair

While most Amana dryer problems can be repaired easily, there are clues that let you know that you may need to replace your dryer. A constant need for repairs is of course one obvious warning sign. In these situations it may make more financial sense to redirect money spent on repairs to purchasing a new, more energy efficient drier. Another sign is slower drying times. It shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes for your Amana clothes dryer to completely dry a large load.

Dryers that do not have a moisture sensor should be replaced. The moisture sensor is an important component because it shuts your dryer off when your clothes are dry, which helps keep your Amana dryer running safely. This also helps to save energy and decrease the wear and tear caused by a dryer that runs more than it has to.

If your dryer is over 18 years old, it is most likely time for a replacement, even if it seems to work fine. Older dryers are a lot less efficient than new models. When you install a new high-efficiency or ENERGY STAR Amana dryer, you’ll pay for the new unit in utility savings.

Amana Dryer Maintenance

Cleaning the lint filter should be done every time you dry a load of laundry. This helps prevent house fires and other safety hazards, and it will also improve your Amana dryer’s efficiency. If you have an older model with a vinyl exhaust hose, this should be replaced with a fireproof one made of metal. The rigid aluminum hoses do not collect as much lint as the flexible metal tubing, but flexible hoses can save more space. You should also replace dryer vents that are made of flammable material, such as vinyl. Because dryers are designed to run smoothly without oiling the motors very often, you shouldn’t have to lubricate the components unless a part is causing your Amana dryer to squeak or make other loud noises.

If you use dryer sheets, make sure that there’s no residue left on the lint filter screen. When the screen is clogged, you can clean it with a mild detergent and brush. Always be sure that you remove used dryer sheets; they often get stuck on the lint screen or on the vents inside the dryer. Also make sure that your dryer is completely level. As with any appliance, if your Amana dryer was not installed on a level surface, it will not last as long as it should.

Amana Dryer Service

It’s very important that you clean or vacuum out your exhaust hose and vent at least once a year if not more. You should call a qualified repair technician if the lint build up is excessive. The technician may need to take your Amana dryer apart to give it a more thorough cleaning. Do not attempt to disassemble the dryer yourself because you could damage the dryer or injure yourself. Our repair technicians will also replace any part of the dryer ventilation components that have been torn. Call us if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

Amana Dryer Experts

All-Pro specializes in Amana dryer repairs and maintenance services and our repair technicians always stay up to date with the latest technology so that they can fix any Amana dryer model. Our customers are important to us, and we make safety and quality our top priorities. When you want the most reliable dryer repair services in Arlington, VA, Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding area, call any time and let us know how we can serve you.