Hot Point Dryer Repair Services

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Hotpoint Dryer Replacement & Repair

Although you can fix most Hotpoint dryer problems with a minor repair, you can look out for some clues that let you know that it may be time to replace your old dryer. High repair costs can be a signal that your dryer may be costing you more money than installing a new dryer. Another sign is less efficient drying times. It should not take more than an hour for your Hotpoint clothes dryer to finish drying a load of clothes.

Dryers that do not have a moisture sensor should be replaced. The moisture sensor is an essential element because it shuts down the dryer when your clothes are completely dry, which ensures that the dryer is running safely. This also helps to save energy and minimize repair needs because a dryer that doesn’t run as much won’t wear down other parts as quickly.

If your dryer is a model manufactured over 18 years ago, it is probably time to upgrade. Dryers older than 18 years are a lot less safe and efficient than new models. When you install a new efficient Hotpoint dryer, you could see a huge difference in energy costs.

Hotpoint Dryer Maintenance & Fire Prevention

Cleaning the lint screen is a simple task you should perform every time you dry a load of laundry. This helps prevent the potential for a fire, and helps improve the dryer’s performance levels. If you have an older model with a vinyl hose, it should be upgraded with a fireproof one made of metal. The unbending aluminum hoses do not collect as much debris as the flexible metal tubes and hoses, but flexible hoses can save more space, so each offers its own benefits. You should also replace vinyl vents that are made of flammable material. Because dryers are designed to operate without greasing the motors very often, you shouldn’t have to lubricate any parts unless you find that a component is causing your Hotpoint dryer to make loud noises.

If you use dryer sheets, make sure that there’s no residue from dryer sheets on the screen of the filter. When the screen is blocked, you can clean it with a mild detergent. Always be sure that you pull out old sheets; they often get stuck on the lint screen or on the vents inside the dryer. Also make sure that your dryer is put on a level floor. When a dryer isn’t installed on a level surface, the components can wear out more quickly.

It’s also vital that you clean out your exhaust components yearly. You should call a professional if the lint build up is enough to cause safety hazards. The technician may need to take your Hotpoint dryer apart to give it a more complete cleaning. Do not attempt to disassemble the dryer yourself because you could cause more problems. Our service technicians will also replace any ripped or torn parts or hoses. Call us if you have questions or if you are ready to schedule an appointment.

Hotpoint Dryer Repair Experts

The service technicians at All-Pro specialize in Hotpoint dryer repair and maintenance services. Our repair technicians always stay up to date with the latest technology so that they can repair any Hotpoint dryer model and safety and customer service are our top priorities. If you want the best dryer repair services in Arlington, VA, Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding area, call any time and let us know how we can serve you.