Maytag Dryer Repair

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Maytag Dryer Replacement & Repair

Even though most Maytag dryer repair needs are small, there are a few warning signs that let you know that you may need to replace your dryer. A constant need for repairs is one signal that your old dryer may be costing you more money in long run. It’s quite possible that the costs of replacing your old dryer with a more efficient, new model will be quickly offset by the energy savings. Another obvious sign is if your Maytag dryer takes too long to completely dry a large load.

Dryers without a moisture sensor should be replaced. The moisture sensor is an instrumental part of your dryer because it turns it off when your clothes are completely dry, which ensures that the dryer is running safely and efficiently. This will also cut down on other repair needs because a system that runs less often is less likely to have parts wear down.

If your dryer is older than eighteen years, it is most likely time to install a new one. Old dryers are a lot less efficient and more expensive to operate than new models. Installing an efficient new Maytag dryer often pays for itself because so much is saved on energy costs.

Maytag Dryer Maintenance

You should get in the habit of cleaning the lint filter screen each time you dry a load of laundry. This helps prevent fire hazards, and it will also improve your dryer’s efficiency. If you have an older model Maytag dryer with a vinyl hose, you should replace the hose with a fireproof metal one. The unbending aluminum hoses won’t trap as much lint as the flexible metal hoses, and you should also replace dryer vents that are made of combustible materials. Dryers are designed to operate smoothly without lubricating the motors very often, but the components may need to be greased if your Maytag dryer squeaks or makes loud noises.

Make sure that there’s no residue from dryer sheets on the screen of the filter, and if there is, you can clean it with a mild detergent. Always be sure that you remove old fabric softener sheets because they can easily get stuck on the vents inside the dryer or in the lint trap. Also make sure that your dryer is installed on a level surface. Dryers that are not installed on a level surface always wind up needing repairs far more often.

It’s crucial that you have your exhaust vent and hose cleaned out at least annually. When buildup is excessive you should call for professional service. The technician might need to take apart your dryer to give it a more detailed cleaning. Do not attempt to remove or take apart the dryer yourself because you could make a minor problem worse. Our qualified technicians will also replace any part of the dryer ventilation system that has been damaged. Call us for all of your Maytag dryer repair needs.

Maytag Dryer Service Technicians

All-Pro is your Maytag dryer maintenance and repair expert and our repair technicians provide the best dryer repair service in Arlington, VA, Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding area. Call us today for the best dryer repair services and customer service in the region.