Kenmore Washer Repair Services

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The regular, smooth operation of your Kenmore washing machine is important to you, so when you need service you want to be sure you hire an experienced repairman. Our washer repair technicians have years of experience repairing washing machines of all makes and models. For fast and expert service, call the company that more homeowners in the greater Washington D.C. area call for all of their Kenmore appliance repairs. Call All-Pro Appliance Repair.

Kenmore Washer Problems

If your Kenmore washer ever shuts down completely and you’re certain it’s not because it has come unplugged or you’ve got a blown fuse, give us a call right away. Obviously the quicker you call us the quicker we can have your washing machine up and running again. There are of course reasons, other than a complete shutdown, that will require professional service.

Among the more common problems we see are leaking washers and washers that don’t go through all of the wash cycles the way they should. In the case of a leak, it could be that the hose has become disconnected from the drain. We’ll verify that the hose is properly connected to the pipe and check for any damage. If there is damage, we’ll need to replace that hose. If your clothes washer fills up with water but won’t switch to another cycle, the drain hose may not be installed at right height. Whatever the problem, know that our service technicians have the skills and tools to handle any washing machine repair job.

Kenmore Washer Replacement Parts

Washing machines have many parts and components, each of which can wear down over time. Fortunately, most clothes washer complications can be fixed by an easy part replacement or repair. A great example would be washing machine timers. It’s quite common that these need to be replaced after 10 years. Drainage issues, on the other hand, are often related to a clogged or otherwise malfunctioning water pump. Whether you’re experiencing one of these problems or something different entirely, our service trucks go to every job stocked with all of the tools and replacement parts our expert techs need for any repair job.

Kenmore Front Loading Washer Repair

Unlike top loading washers, front loader clothes washing machines do not have a transmission or an agitator, which are parts known to break down. This means that Kenmore front loaders generally have fewer problems, but they of course will need repairs eventually. Whether you’ve got a front loader or a top loader, our skilled technicians are trained to fix washing machine, so give us a call at the first sign of trouble.

Kenmore Washer Repair

For expert washing machine repair service in Arlington, VA, Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding area, call All-Pro. Our friendly technicians can repair any type of Kenmore clothes washer. From minor leaks to complete washer failures, we’re always available for fast and professional repairs. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.