GE Washer Repair

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For the best GE washing machine repair services in the greater Washington D.C. area, call All-Pro Appliance Repair anytime. We will send someone to your home as quickly as possible so that we can get your GE washer fixed in no time. We finish every job without leaving a mess. We want to provide the best customer service in the business, so contact us when you need a repair.

GE Washer Problems

When there’s a problem with your washer, the sooner you call us the sooner we can come to your home and resolve the issue. If you have a leak, we’ll first check to make sure the hose is connected firmly to the pipe, then check to see if the hose has any obvious cracks or other damages. These are important first steps to prevent any unnecessary messes. If the problem is that your washer fills up with water but never switches to the next cycle, the drain hose could be installed incorrectly. This is another common problem we repair regularly. Whatever the issue is, we’ll get to the bottom of it quickly and have your washer running like new again in short order.

GE Washer Replacement Parts

Washing machines have a complex system of moving parts, and this means that there are a number of things that could potentially go wrong. Many washing machine issues can be fixed by a minor repair or part replacement. Even simple things like the washer’s timer are prone to problems. One of the most common signs of timer problems is a washer that fills up with water but fails to move to the next cycle. Drainage issues are also common and are often related to problems with the water pump. If your GE washer is not draining properly, there’s a good chance you’ve got a clogged or broken pump. We stock our trucks with all common GE washing machine replacement parts, so give us a call any time you have a problem with your washer. We can send a repairman right over and get your washer fixed quickly.

GE Front Loading Washer Repair

Unlike top loading washers, front loaders do not have an agitator, a part known to cause problems which is part of the reason they generally require fewer repairs over the life of the unit. Simply put, there are fewer parts so there are fewer things that can go wrong. Front load washers also tend to be more efficient and quieter than traditional washers, which is a large part of the reason they’ve become so popular in recent years. Whether you have a top loading or a front loading washing machine, our technicians have the tools and replacement parts to repair any problem.

GE Washer Repair

At All-Pro, our qualified repair technicians can repair any model of GE washing machine in Arlington, VA, Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding area. From simple fixes like timer replacements to major repairs for washers with broken agitators, we have the skills and experience needed to take care of any GE washer problem you might have. Call us today to schedule an appointment.