Your washing machine is a complicated piece of equipment designed to distribute soap and water evenly throughout your clothes, provide multiple wash cycles for varying types of clothing and rinse the soap and water away without causing damaging the materials. The washer’s motor is the powerhouse behind all of these operations, so if a problem occurs in the motor, you need repairs quickly.

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How a Washing Machine Works

The part of the washing machine that you can see is called the inner tub. This inner tub is where you place the clothes and where water will flow from the outer tub when turned on. All those small holes in the inner tub are how water gets in and out of the chamber. In a top loading washing machine, there is an agitator in the middle of the tub that moves up to ¾ of a rotation at a time. The rotations are timed to move cloths throughout the tub and distribute soap and water evenly to every garment.

The motor is responsible for driving the agitator and keeping the washing machine spinning during rinse and spin cycles. Washer motors are reversing motors, meaning they can spin in either direction. They need to spin quickly – often between 400 and 800 rpms – to generate enough force to remove the water from the tub through the holes in the chamber.

Washer Motor Repair

Because the motor turns at such rapid speeds and because it includes a transmission and clutch system to switch modes and go in the opposite direction, it can wear down over time so there is a strong chance that something can eventually break and repairs will be needed. There are many moving parts and depending on how often and how heavily you use the device, it is put under quite a burden.

Common signs that your motor needs repairs include loud, sharp noises when the device switches between spin and agitate cycles. You may also notice a strange smell or hear a grinding sound. In some cases, the motor might seize up entirely due to bad bearings. In some washing machines, the motor is connected directly to the transmission with a coupler and a belt. This is a very common repair need as the belt and/or coupler can break.

Washer Motor Replacement

In the most severe cases, your washer motor may be beyond repair or not worth the cost. In these situations, washing machine motor replacement is often the best course of action. Bad bearings, a seized up motor or an electrical problem in the motor can all be very expensive to repair, so it makes more sense to simply replace the motor entirely. Your repair person will best be able to determine which method is best for your washing machine.

Washing Machine Repair Company

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