Washing machine leaks aren’t uncommon problems, but it’s important to act quickly at the first sign of trouble. By ignoring a problem because your washer seems to only leak sporadically, and only a small amount of water each time, you run the risk of allowing the problem to get much worse and more expensive to repair.

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Washer Leaks

Washing machine leaks can be deceptively complicated so it’s important that you only trust repairs to a professional. There are six potential sources of a leak and in many cases more than one will be an issue at the same time, so only a professional can ensure the leak is fixed for good. Where is that water coming from? Here are the potential sources:

  • Inlet Connections – The pipes coming into your washing machine.
  • Hose Connectors – The connectors inside the washing machine holding the hoses together.
  • Pump – The device that adds and removes water from the outer and inner tub.
  • Outer Tub Seal – The plug at the bottom of your outer tub that holds the water in the device.
  • Center Post Gasket – The gasket that seals off the post inside your agitator so it can continue to spin.
  • Air Dome Seal – A small seal that connects the controls to your tub.

Any one of these can break and result in a leak and only a thorough inspection will ensure the problem is fixed properly. In some cases, the leak may be because of a clog in the drain itself – not even related to the washing machine.

Washer Leak Detection & Repair

Regardless of the source, you should call a professional to inspect your washing machine and fix the problem. During the inspection, your repair person will unplug the washing machine and start checking each of the six possible leak sources above. Hoses are tested for rust and cracks, the machine is refilled and water leaks are tested one at a time. The process can take some time but the thoroughness ensures that nothing is missed.

Once the source of the leak is determined, your repair person will likely continue to inspect the washing machine as it is always possible for two leaks to spring at once. In fact, often when one part of your washing machine has a problem it creates extra stress that can lead to additional problems. For this reason, it’s important that the rest of your device be inspected.

Washing Machine Water Leak Problems

Call for help as soon as you notice a problem with a leaking washing machine. It is tempting to try and find the source of the leak yourself, but most of the time, you will either miss it or fail to fully repair the problem.

The first thing you should do, after cleaning up all that water, is call All-Pro. We are one of the best trusted, most experienced providers of washing machine and appliance repair in Arlington, VA, Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding area. We’ll get your washing running like new in no time. Call us now to talk to an expert or set up an appointment.