Your dryer has two major functions. First, it produces heat which is used to dry the clothes. Second, it spins, which distributes the heat to every piece of clothing and dries them as quickly and as evenly as possible. So, if the dryer motor that keeps it spinning stops working properly, your clothes not only won’t be dried properly, you will use much more energy trying to dry them.

That’s why, if you notice a problem with your dryer motor, you should call All–Pro Appliance Repair as soon as possible. Our greater Washington D.C, Virginia and Maryland. area dryer repair techs are standing by; ready to repair any clothes dryer issues you may have – from a bad heating element to a busted motor.

Clothes Dryer Motor Repair Service

Your dryer has a drum in which you place clothing. Around the drum is a belt which is in turn attached to a motor. As the motor turns, the belt rotates and the drum spins, moving your clothes and evenly distributing heat.

Dryer belts obviously endure very heavy use so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they can eventually wear thin and break. However, if the belt is fine, it may be a motor issue which, depending on its severity, might warrant replacement of the motor.

Dryer Motor Replacement & Service

There are three major reasons your motor may have a problem. The first is a lack of lubrication, which can cause friction and damage to the moving parts in your motor. The second is a bad motor switch which will keep the device from turning on and off at the right times. The third is frozen or worn bearings which can eventually lead to a locked up motor that no longer turns properly.

To inspect the motor and determine which problem it is, your repair person will remove the back of the dryer and access the motor, usually located at the bottom, below the drum. The area around the motor will be cleaned out to remove any excess lint and dirt, and then the motor will be removed for further inspection.

Lubrication is the first step to ensure the motor doesn’t need to be replaced or serviced further. Unless the motor has already stopped working completely, this will often stop whatever noise your dryer is making. If the motor is not fixed by cleaning and lubrication, we’ll check the centrifugal switch and make sure the terminals and wire connections are not burnt out.

Depending on the age of the motor and the severity of any damage done to it, such burn outs may require a replacement of the entire device. A service professional can best determine if this is the case and let you know whether your dryer needs more extensive work done on it.

If, during the inspection, the repair person finds that the pulley between the drum assembly and your motor won’t turn or is very hard to turn, the bearings may be the issue, which often requires replacement due to the cost of bearing repairs in a motor like this.

Dryer Motor Service Experts

If your dryer is in need of repair, the first step is to call a professional to have your motor and drum assembly inspected and receive expert advice about what next to do. That’s where All–Pro comes in. We offer in Arlington, Virginia, Gaithersburg, Maryland and washington DC the surrounding area the best all–around dryer motor repair and replacement services and we’ll help you get yours running like new in no time.