Rudd Water Heater Repair Services

Are you having problems with your Rudd Water Heater?

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For the best hot water heater services in the greater Washington D.C. area, call All-Pro Appliance Repair today. Our expert service techs are highly skilled at fixing any kind of Ruud water heater. We have the skills and training needed to quickly diagnose and solve any Ruud water heater problem you might have. Give us a call for fast and professional repairs for your Ruud water heater today.

Ruud Water Heater Emergency Repair

If you can’t seem to get hot water out of any of the fixtures in your home, call us for emergency service right away. Expediting the repair not only minimizes your inconvenience but it can help solve issues before they grow in to more expensive problems. Save yourself a lot of money and aggravation by calling us as soon as you notice any issues with your Ruud hot water heater. Our technicians travel in trucks stocked with all the tools and parts they’ll ever need so they can get your water heater up and running again fast.

Ruud Water Heater Maintenance

Even if you have a brand new Ruud hot water heater, it’s important to care for it if you want it to last for as many years as it was designed to last and maximize its energy efficiency. Our water heater professionals can help you maintain your Ruud water heater with yearly maintenance visits. When you schedule a maintenance visit with one of our highly trained technicians, we will give your water heater a thorough inspection to check for issues, such as corrosion, leaks, or other damages. We then make any needed adjustments or repairs and replace any worn out parts. We will also clean all of your water heater’s components and drain any sediment buildup in the tank. Call us any time for thorough water heater maintenance and service for your Ruud unit.

Ruud Water Heater Tips

With fuel costs so high, it’s no wonder that seemingly everyone is talking about saving energy these days, especially when it comes to home utility bills. One of the simplest ways that you can help reduce your own home energy costs is by lowering the temperature at which your Ruud hot water heater will store water in its tank. You can actually see considerable savings by just lowering the temperature setting from 140°F to 120°F. Many manufacturers recommend 140°F but we’ve found that most homes can still enjoy all of the hot water they need with the lower setting and save some money on their energy bills.

Insulating your Ruud hot water tank will also reduce your energy use and lower your bills. You may also choose to install a new tankless or high-efficiency Ruud water heater. Older water heaters use a lot of energy to heat your hot water. If you have a water heater older than ten years, you could substantially reduce your energy costs with a new tankless or high-efficiency water heater.

If you would like to know more about how you can reduce your energy use with a new water heater, call us today to discuss your options. We are always happy to give you expert advice about saving water and lowering your energy bills.

Ruud Water Heater Services

For the best Ruud water heater repair services in Arlington, VA, Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding area, call All-Pro for service today. We have years of experiencing servicing hot water heaters of every make and model and we have the tools and training needed to complete any job quickly and with as little disruption to your home as possible. Contact us for repairs today and we’ll send a repairman out ASAP.