Water Heater Services

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For expert repair services for any style Bradford White water heater, call All-Pro Appliance Repair. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service in the greater Washington D.C. area. Contact us any time to make an appointment and learn why more area homeowners now count on us for all of their home appliance repair needs.

Bradford White Water Heater Emergency Repair

For emergency repairs for your Bradford White water heater, contract us right away so we can resolve the problem quickly and hopefully help you avoid more costly repairs or system breakdowns. Our water heater repair experts can resolve issues with any Bradford White hot water heater. Call us ASAP, and we will respond to your call as soon as we can and get your water heater fixed in no time.

Bradford White Water Heater Maintenance

Regularly maintaining your water heater will help to reduce your energy bills and ensure that your water heater runs as efficiently as possible. Our qualified technicians can help you maintain your Bradford White water heater with annual checkups. If you have a new Bradford White water heater, call us for your yearly inspections; they are an important of helping your water heater last for many years.

If you call us for any preventative maintenance service, we will first inspect your water heater for corrosion, leaks, or other damages. We then make repairs and look for any other issues. We will also test the efficiency and performance levels and give your water heater a professional cleaning. Call today and let us help you maintain your Bradford White hot water heater.

Bradford White Water Heater Tips

Lowering the hot water thermostat on your water heater is a great way to save energy. While some instruction guides recommend setting the temperature for hot water heaters at 140°F, you shouldn’t actually need to raise the temperature of your hot water above 120°F. Check your owner’s manual or call us if you would like to know more about recommended temperature settings, energy savings or how to locate the thermostat on your Bradford White water heater.

Another way to make your Bradford White water heater more energy efficient is to insulate the tank. This can reduce your energy usage and lower your bills considerably. It’s also worth considering replacing your old, inefficient hot water tank. Older models need to use a lot of energy to heat your hot water so you could lower your bills by installing a new ENERGY STAR rated Bradford White water heater. There are a variety of ways you can cut energy costs so call us today to discuss your options so you can start saving today!

Bradford White Water Heater Services

All-Pro can handle any Bradford White water heater repair needs. We proudly serve the Arlington, VA, Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding area, and we treat all of our customers with the respect they deserve. Call us today to schedule repair service with the region’s best hot water heater repair technicians.