You probably don’t think much about your Annandale home’s microwave as an appliance that needs a lot of maintenance. It just works and when it stops working you get a new one, right? That may work for your plug and play model from college, but if you have a built-in microwave it’s important that you perform regular maintenance and even that you have a pro take a closer look at it once a year to ensure it is working properly.

Such maintenance will reduce the risk of needing any or all of it replaced and will ensure you don’t need to dust off that old one sitting in your attic. Here are some tips for keeping your Annandale home’s microwave running like it should:

  • Cleaning – Cleaning is good for every appliance you own, but for a microwave in particular it offers many additional benefits. Food debris inside can change the way it heats food and can cause the magnetron to be overworked. The vents outside should also be cleaned as air flow needs to be kept as high as possible.
  • Covering Food – Always cover food to keep hot food from splattering inside the microwave. This will keep it running properly over time and ensure nothing gets clogged.
  • Don’t Overload – Air circulation is vital for proper microwave operation so don’t stick large containers that block air flow or keep the table from turning. Additionally, while a microwave can be on for more than 15 minutes, it is recommended that you don’t do this if at all possible.
  • Don’t Run Empty – Running a microwave empty is very bad for it and can cause damage to the motor, break the glass table or damage the magnetron.

Normal operation of your microwave should ensure it remains clean and that you have it properly maintained on an annual basis. Do this and it will likely last for many years to come without any major repair needs. If you do need microwave repair in the Annandale area, give All-Pro Appliance Repair a call!