If you’re like most homes, you probably use your microwave a lot. Microwaves are very convenient cooking appliances. But when they start to break, it can be hard to know when to replace it. At All–Pro Appliance Repair, we wanted to offer some advice for our customers about when to call for repairs and when to replace your entire unit. We’ve been providing complete microwave repair in Annandale, VA for years. Give us a call if you have any questions about your microwave.

Common Microwave Repairs in Annandale, VA

Before we talk about replacing your microwave, it’s a good idea to start with some of the most common microwave repairs that we see in Annandale, VA.

  • No microwave light – This could just mean that you need a new light bulb. Installing one involves opening up the cabinet so you should probably consult a repairman.
  • Microwave door – If the door to your microwave has stopped closing shut, you should probably stop using it until you get it fixed. The door is a safety feature that contains the radiation emitted by the microwave.
  • Touchpad – If you’re unable to punch in numbers or start the microwave, it may be time to call for microwave repairs in Annandale, VA.
  • Noises – If your microwave starts to make strange noises, it might be that there’s a piece of food stuck in the turntable. But if that isn’t the case, it could be a more serious issue that could warrant replacing your microwave.
  • Buzzing – If you punch in the time and press start but all you hear is a buzzing sound, this is normally the sign of a serious problem. You should replace your microwave immediately.
  • Not heating – If you start to notice that your microwave isn’t heating the food, you may need to replace your microwave.

When to Replace Your Microwave

If you’re having any issues with your microwave, call All–Pro Appliance Repair today. We offer complete microwave repair in Annandale, VA.