If you are having trouble with your washing machine, call the Alexandria washing machine experts at All–Pro Appliance Repair. In addition to repairs, we can also install a new clothes washer based on your needs and budget. We’ll make sure you get the most cost-effective solution based on your specific needs and Call us for ongoing maintenance and repair services to ensure your washing machine continues working properly for years to come. We repair all makes and models.

Here are some common noises that could indicate the need for a repair.

If there’s a banging noise, it could be coming from the motor banging against the sides of the machine. This could also cause your entire washing machine to move or jump to one side. This happens often on older models. If you have a newer washing machine, it could be that the tub is loose. This may also cause a metal hitting metal sound.

You can check to see if the drum moves around too easily when you try to lift it from the front of the machine. There should be minimal play.  At the bottom of the drum, there should be no play at all. The drum shaft could have a crack in it if there’s excess movement.

If there are other noises, such as a metallic one, there could be something trapped below the drum, such as a coin or other item from a pocket on your clothing. Call the Alexandria repair technicians at All–Pro Appliance Repair for all your washing machine repair needs!