Your washing machine is an integral appliance in your home.  A common problem with washing machines is the spin cycle; here is a quick guide to what ususally causes spin cycle problems. If anything is wrong with your washer, remember that the Washington DC appliance repair experts at All–Pro Appliance Repair can fix quickly with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

If you washer doesn’t pump or spin, but you can still hear the motor running, the problem can lie with a broken pump. A professional can check your pump pulley to make sure that is not broken or stuck. If the motor is not running, the problem more likely lies with the lid switch. If this switch is not working, your washing machine might not work at all. The switch is a safety feature which prevents your washing machine from completing the cycle when the door is open. A defective switch isn’t a big repair, but it is not a DIY job to replace the part.

If your washing machine is having water pumped in by is not spinning, there a few different possible problems. These include a broken motor coupler, a broken clutch, or a broken drive motor. Basically, your washer has a motor that agitates the water by spinning at different speeds and possibly different directions. If your washing machine isn’t spinning, it is probably a motor problem, many of which need a qualified appliance repair technician to replace.

Whatever your washing machine problem, a qualified appliance repair expert at All–Pro Appliance Repair is ready to help 24 hours a day. Call us today for any appliance repair in Gaithersburg, MD, Arlington, VA and greater Washington, D.C. area!