If your Bethesda dishwasher isn’t filling with water, our technicians at All–Pro Appliance Repair have some advice to get it up and running again.

When it comes to a dry dishwasher, there are a few usual suspects you should inspect. The first is the appliance’s float assembly. As your dishwasher fills with water, this float rises with tide and, when it hits a certain point, lets your machine know to cut off the water before it’s all over your kitchen floor. Despite its good intentions, the float assembly can sometimes get stuck in the wrong spot, causing the water to be cut off before filling the machine.

When the float assembly reaches the cutoff point, it triggers the float switch. If your assembly checks out fine, the float switch is a good place to check next. If you have a defective float switch, the trigger will interrupt the flow of water before your float assembly gets to the correct level.

There is a possibility that your machine and the water cut off systems are working fine, but they are not being supplied with any water to work with. That’s why it is a good idea to check out the water inlet valve on your machine. This valve allows for the supply of water from your home’s plumbing to be fed into the machine. The valve is pretty simple, relying on water pressure to fill your washer. If the valve’s filters are dirty or filled with grime, water may not be able to pass through.

There is another valve to check out as well, and that is the drain valve. You may think that a drain valve has nothing to do with the filling of your machine, only the emptying, and technically you’d be right. However, this drain valve is regulated by a solenoid, and if that solenoid is faulty it can actually interfere with the filling process.

If your dry dishwasher has you stumped and you need help with identifying the problem, don’t worry. We have some of Bethesda’s finest appliance repair technicians on our team, and no problem is too small for a professional. Call All–Pro Appliance Repai and you’ll have clean dishes by dinner.