Microwaves are convenient appliances that make our lives simpler and quicker when it comes to heating and preparing food.  Because we tend to use them so frequently there are some common microwave problems which can unexpectedly happen.   The microwave repair specialists at All-Pro Appliance Repair can handle all of the most common microwave problems – call us today if you need appliance repair in the Annandale area!

Common Microwave Problems

  • Blown Fuses or Tripped Circuits:  Because of the high voltage used during microwave operation, a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker will occur.  This can cause only the connection to the microwave to stop working, or the power to an entire kitchen wall to go out.
  • Turntable Not Rotating:  When a microwave turntable stops turning it could simply be that it has come off the motor attachment, that the track has become clogged and is no longer turning, or that there is a motor problem.
  • Touchpad Stops Working or Works Erratically:  Touchpads are the main control center for the microwave, so when they stop working it can be hard to do anything with your microwave.  If a touchpad has gotten wet and short-circuited, or if there is some other electrical problem, the touch pad will not work and most likely needs the help of a professional.
  • No Longer Heats Food:  When microwaves no longer cook food as they once did it can be an indication of a number of problems.  While it could be something as simple as user error in setting the wrong temperature initially in order to cook food, it could also be a problem with the magnetron (the component that generates the microwaves) or some other electrical module that has broken causing the need for a microwave replacement.
  • Presence of Electric Arc inside Oven Chamber during Use:  Accidentally having aluminum foil or other metal inside the microwave while it is running will cause this lightening effect.  Metal should never be placed inside a microwave because of the risks of electrical fires.  Excessive food residue or burned spots on the interior of the microwave can also cause these electric arcs.  If none of these is the case but electrical arcing continues there may be something more serious going on which a trained professional should handle.

All-Pro Appliance Repair has appliance technicians that work with microwaves and can easily diagnose your microwave problem, ensuring a fast and efficient microwave repair or replacement.