There are a number of problems that can develop with your Alexandria home’s dryer.  I may get too hot, not heat at all, make too much noise, no longer spin, fail to dry clothes completely, or simply not turn on. All–Pro Appliance Repair understands these most common dryer problems and can provide professional dryer repairs for each and every one of them.

Common Dryer Problems

Here are some possible cause of your dryer problems:

  • Dryer Gets Too Hot:  A vent could be clogged which would cause it to not properly vent heated air, the thermostat could be bad, or there could be faulty heating coils.
  • Dryer Does Not Heat:  This could be due to a bad fuse, a broken temperature switch, a bad thermostat, faulty heating coils, or a broken timer.
  • Dryer Motor Runs but Drum Does Not Spin:  The most likely cause is a belt that is worn, broken or slipping out of place. It can also be a bad roller or idler pulley, a seized motor, or worn out support parts.
  • Dryer Does Not Turn On:  It could be that the power outlet is not working, a fuse has blown, the door or lid switch is broken and the dryer thinks the door is open, the start switch could be broken, or there could be a defective thermal fuse.
  • Dryer Makes Excessive Noise:  This can be caused by internal parts that support the drum wearing out and making a squeaking or buzzing sound, or a clogged blower wheel that needs to be cleaned or possibly even replaced.

Each of these common dryer problems is something that should be resolved quickly, so that your dryer can again work as it was designed to.  Contact All–Pro Appliance Repair and get quality dryer service in Alexandria!