If the motor in your Chantilly washing machine starts to go, you will probably know pretty quickly. However, before those obvious signs kick in, there will be a few more subtle signs. If you notice these early enough, you can get the motor replaced or repaired before it becomes a major issue. Here are the most common signs of a washing machine motor problem.

 Won’t Spin, Pump or Agitate

If your washing machine simply does not do any one of the major things is it supposed to do, it is probably due to a bad motor. So, if it will not spin, does not pump properly, does not agitate, or if you hear strange noises during any of these cycles, it could be due to the motor. If you notice things like buildup of soap at the bottom of the washing machine or if the machine goes on and off frequently during a cycle, have someone take a look right away.

 Wet Clothes

Clothes are supposed to be wet at the end of a cycle, but they should not be sopping wet. If they are, then it could be due to a bad motor coupling or possibly a blown belt or clutch. In any case, the best thing to do is to call a Chantilly appliance repair professional and have your system inspected for issues.

 Recurring Cycle Problems

What this means is that during each cycle there is a different problem. It may not be the same one every time, and it may not be consistent in every cycle, but without fail your clothes are generally not being washed properly when you turn on that machine. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is call someone to inspect the motor as it is the core of your machine and most often represents the root of the problem.

A bad washing machine motor is a quick and easy to diagnose problem. If it needs to be replaced, it can be done relatively fast, and if it needs repairs, it is better to have them done now than a few months down the line when damage can be caused to other parts of the washing machine. If you need any help with your washing machine, call All–Pro Appliance Repair today!