Is your washing machine not getting enough water? This could be due to a variety of reasons. Whether you need washing machine repairs or a routine maintenance service in Annandale, call All–Pro Appliance Repair. Here are a few reasons your washing machine may not be getting any water.

If you’ve had a new washing machine installed, make sure that the technician installed it correctly. All major appliance installations should be done by an Annandale appliance repair professional with specific experience working on this type of equipment. Improper installation can result in incorrectly connected pipes, which can cause problem with supplying your machine with the water it needs. There could also be an issue with the controls for the cycles.

If you have an older washing machine, check the pipe coming into the washing machine. Does it look damaged, or do you see any other potential problems? A kink or other restriction in the water line into your washer can prevent the correct amount of water entering your appliance.

Another possible cause of no or too little water in your washing machine is a damaged sensor. Most washing machines made today will give you an error code if it doesn’t detecting the correct amount of water, but you might not get an error code if the sensor itself is malfunctioning. A professional can examine your appliance to determine if this is the problem.

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