If your washing machine starts having problems, you have to consider its worth and decide if you should repair or replace this appliance.  Fortunately in Washington, DC, washing machine repairs are easy fixes with the expertise of professionals like All-Pro Appliance Repair.

Straight Ahead

For anyone living on a fixed or tight budget, the first thought is about fewer dollars paid out to bring over the repair man than what it takes to plunk down on a new machine.

Most washing machines are worth fixing if they are three or four years old or less. Conventional wisdom suggests that you replace your washer when repairing it would cost 50 percent or more of the cost of a comparable new model.

There is always the risk, however, that the repair turns out to be just as costly and you still have to pay for the visit.  As much as we want to recycle and reuse what we have, sometimes it just doesn’t make the best sense. All Pro is committed to giving homeowners the best advice.

Around the Bends

If the washer in question is an older top-loaded style, the decision is even easier.  Although the immediate cost of replacement is typically more expensive, the newer front-loading machines are so much better, it makes too much sense when considering the long-term dollars and sense.

Besides cleaning much better, front-loading machines use half the amount of water.  Considering an average household does 400 loads annually, over the life time, this could save about 7,000 gallons of water.  The energy savings to heat the water would be enough to pay for itself.

In Total

As long as the machine is front-loading and relatively new, repair makes a lot of sense.  If older machines have been working well and budgets are as tight as they are trying to make them on Capital Hill, Washington, DC washing machine repairs will continue to thrive under the expert tenure of All-Pro Appliance Repair.