The dishwasher is a modern day wonder that has changed many lives, but is often taken for granted.  In big families especially, the convenience allows for greater enjoyment of life’s more important activities.

If that dishwasher acts up, however, life slows down and not in a good way (though a new family of Von Trapp Singers may be born in the uncomfortable process of doing dishes together).  Fortunately, Washington, DC dishwasher repair has a reliable ally in the form of the experts at All Pro Appliance Repair who can restore normal functions quickly.

Common Leaks

A good indication that help may be needed is a small puddle on the floor. Beyond damage to the floor, leaks will prevent proper cleaning and–if not attended to right away–might ultimately harm the dishwasher.

  • Check the seals along the edge of the doorframe and on the door itself.  The rubber or vinyl may be worn and cracked.
  • Make sure the doors close properly and the machine is level.
  • Make sure the right amount of detergent was used.  Too much can cause an overflow.
  • Check the intake hose for kinks and ensure the washer at the connection has not cracked.
  • Check the outflow pipe for kinks and food blockages.

For the inexperienced, it is difficult to do these repairs, so calling a professional may be the safest bet.

More Complications

Problems with the motor are usually a good time for help.  If there is no sound, water or lights at all the problem is likely electrical.  The circuit could be tripped off or a bad connection has broken loose.

Starting the washer and only getting a hum from the motor with no action could be an indication of some sort of internal jam in the mechanism or a broken part. The drive belt fan could also be loose or broken.

If the dishwasher does not fill or drains while filling, the float assembly or switch could be working improperly. If it does not drain at all, the timer motor may be the culprit.

Dishwashers are designed to deliver years of convenience if properly maintained.  If a problem does occasionally arise, dishwasher repairs in Washington, DC are as easy as a calling All-Pro Appliance Repair!