The invention of the clothes dryer not only made life easier, but cleaned up the view around most houses that formerly had laundry hanging from long lines out the window or across the yard. Common enough in most homes to be considered a necessity or desired intensely by those killing time in a sweltering laundry mat, clothes dryers are wonderful appliances until they break down.

When trouble strikes, it is important to remember if the appliance is gas or electrically powered.  If one has trouble with that simple difference, it is better (and safer) to simply call for professional help.  In Washington DC, dryer repairs are the expertise of All-Pro Appliance Repair .

Whole System Breakdown

If a clothes dryer is not working at all, there’s a good chance in either a gas or electric dryer, the problem is not internal to the machine, but power has been disconnected for some reason.  From a temporary problem out on the street that has shut off power to the entire neighborhood to a tripped circuit at the panel box, it is easily rectified.

In some cases, the power cord has over-heated (usually from being under-sized or without a breaker) and burned the terminal block inside the dryer.  Both the cord and block should be replaced.

Mounted to the exhaust duct inside the back cover panel, most dryers are equipped with a thermal fuse which blows if the dryer overheats.  The heating/venting systems must be inspected before putting the system back in operation.

Dryer Repairs

Dryers typically use two circuit breakers so it is possible to still tumble without producing heat.  If the breaker is fine, the same thermal fuse could be the problem.  Often a dryer element can burn out without tripping the breaker.

Tumbling issues are likely mechanical problems.  Certain parts of the motor can break or the belts loosen.  Possibly the door switch could be malfunctioning, sending an improper signal.  All of these repairs are better left to the expert who has the replacement parts and the right tools for those hard-to-reach places.

If the drying is too, too slow, or the dryer is running forever, the first place to check is the external vent and the duct work to see if the moisture is being released effectively. The humidistat could be mis-reading the moisture content and telling the machine to continue cycling.

Whatever the problem, dryer repairs in Washington, DC and the surrounding area are quickly fixed if you call All-Pro Appliance Repair!