Since the invention of fire, humankind has become devoted to well-cooked meals.  Ovens moved the activity indoors, and they have become an essential part of our everyday life.

If there is a problem, however, it is easy to be quickly overwhelmed by the sophistication and complication of the appliance we have so often taken for granted.  Washington DC oven repairs, however, need have no frustration when a quick call delivers expert advice and professional technicians to save the day.

Electrical Problems

Many ovens are powered by electricity and if it does not come on at all, a circuit could be tripped at the panel box.  If the oven comes on, but delivers no heat, there could be a defective selector switch or a problem with the thermostat.

Cooking at higher temperatures than called for is also an indication of a thermostat issue.  Self-cleaning functions could be affected by the clock, thermostat or selector switch.

Even in gas stoves, there can be an electrical issue with the pilot light, the cock/timing system or thermostat. Both have internal lights to see what is cooing which can go bad.

Mechanical Issues

In both gas and electric ovens, the door plays a critical role and if it is not shut properly, the oven will not work effectively and (in some cases) not at all. This could be from a hardware issue, a bent latch or hinge, for example, or from a flaw in the seal around the edges.

If the oven heats irregularly or unevenly, the problem could be in the air circulation.  Dust or cooked debris could clog the filter inhibiting the even flow of heated air and cooking some parts more than others.

Calling for Help

Some of these problems are easy to identify and nearly as easy to fix, creating a good feeling for the do-it-yourself urges that surface from time to time.  However, when dealing with gas or electricity, there is an element of danger that requires more than a feel-good can-do attitude of improvisation.  In these kinds of repairs, often the best of intentions can lead to worse problems, so it is vital to know when to admit the boundary has been crossed.

In Washington, DC, oven repairs have a great ally in All Pro Appliance Repair.