As with furnaces, there is a lot of debate over whether gas or electric stoves are better. In truth it comes down more to a matter of preference than anything else. Some prefer gas, and others electric: everyone has their own opinion. If you need to purchase a new oven, though, and are unsure of which is the best option for your usage needs, All Pro Appliance Repair has some information about both models that may help you decide. Do your research, weigh both sides of the age old gas vs. electric argument, and make an informed decision. A kitchen can be a very special important in your home, so it is important that the one in your Washington home is properly equipped. Call All–Pro Appliance Repair today if you have any further questions.

Many defenders of the gas stove argument cite higher purchasing costs for electricity as a big reason to go with gas. In truth, though, ovens use an extremely small amount of energy, even when compared with other household appliances including dishwashers, refrigerators and laundry machines. The amount of energy used when cooking is so small that the difference in cost between natural gas and electricity does not really factor into the argument.

What we are left with, then, is the aforementioned personal preference. Many people that really enjoy cooking tend to lean towards natural gas stoves. A gas range allows for instant heat with its open flames. Modern electric stoves have gotten to a point where their burners heat nearly as quickly, though. Another benefit of natural gas over electric stoves is that you can adjust the temperature of a burner instantly, especially turning it lower in the event of boiling over a pot (not that you’d ever do that in your kitchen). While some defenders of electric stoves point to the natural gas stove as potentially dangerous, some modern natural gas stoves utilize an electric ignition system, not unlike a gas grille with an electric starter. This means that there is no pilot light that could potentially go out and allow gas to escape.

Electric gas stoves are favored by some for their convenient clean up, with burners that pull right off the range, allowing you to do a deep clean with ease. Also, many newer electric stoves feature a flat range, with the coils beneath a smooth surface. This makes cleaning up any spills a breeze.

The best way for you to choose between a gas and electric stove is simply to look at a few options in person. Ask your friends which they have, and what they like or dislike about it. An oven is a personal piece of equipment in your home, and you should be completely happy with yours. If you live in Washington and need any more information or advice about stoves, call the experts at All–Pro Appliance Repair.