Most homeowners can admit that cleaning the oven is just one of those chores that is more often put off than it is actually performed. We are all familiar with the smell of burning food that has fallen to the bottom of our oven. We’ve all seen the char on the racks of our ovens and acknowledged the need for a thorough cleaning. Well, at All-Pro Appliance Repair we not only believe that your oven deserves to be cleaned, but that it needs to be for clean, safe operation. Here are some tips on cleaning the oven in your Silver Spring, MD home safely.

If you want to do your oven cleaning with your own 2 hands, you will find a variety of different oven cleaners available on the market. These cleaners are very effective but also tend to be reliant on harsh chemicals and degreasers. If you are looking to avoid using such cleaners for any reason, consider making your own oven cleaner. By placing ammonia in a bowl and letting it sit in the oven overnight you can degrade tough stains for easier cleaner. To make a detergent try mixing together basic dish soap, some water, bleach, and lemon juice. Apply the mixture to your oven and let it sit for an hour or so. Go back and scrub your oven clean.

Many ovens have automatic self-cleaning settings. This is a great, convenient option, but be sure to use it safely. Remove the racks from your oven and make sure that the door is latched shut. Your oven will reach very high temperatures during the cleaning cycle, so keep children and pets away from it. Do not use chemical cleaners in addition to this process. Self-cleaning ovens have surfaces that have been treated to allow for this cleaning method. Further treating or scouring may damage the coated surface.

Take the time to clean your oven and enjoy smoother, worry free operation. No one wants their food to taste like smoke or char unless it’s coming from a barbecue pit. Contact All-Pro Appliance Repair today for more oven cleaning safety tips to use in your Silver Spring, MD home.