At All-Pro Appliance Repair, we get a lot of calls about problems with clothes dryers from our Arlington, VA area customers. There are a few common issues with clothes dryers, and we’ve put together a list of those to help customers know when they might need a repair service. Call us any time for 24/7 appliance repair.

Clothes dryer does not turn on

The most likely reason your clothes dryer will not turn on is that there’s been a power surge or it is not plugged in all the way. Check to see if it is plugged in and then check the fuse box for a blown fuse. Also make sure it is on the right settings and that the door is closed all the way. If none of these are the cause, then you may need to call for a repair. You could have a problem with the start switch, thermostat, or thermal fuse.

Not enough heat in the dryer

If your clothes dryer is not getting hot enough, check the lint filter and make sure there is nothing blocking the airflow to the dyer. For gas dryers, make sure the pilot light is lit and that it is burning blue. This could also be caused from a bad thermal fuse. Again, make sure the dryer is on the right settings.

The drum inside the dryer is not tumbling

This could be caused by a number of issues. If you don’t hear the motor running, you could be facing a motor replacement. You might also simply need a belt replacement. There could also be an issue with the drum rollers or pulleys.

Dryer is making loud or unusual noises

Your clothes dryer has several components that could wear out or break, and they may make loud noises when they wear out. If you hear squeaking or loud vibrations, call for a repair. You may also just have something loose inside the drum, or the blower wheel could be clogged with lint. While it could be a normal noise, call a repair technician to be sure.

Clothes are coming out wrinkled

The most likely causes of wrinkled clothes is improper settings, leaving the clothes in the dryer when it’s done with the cycle, too many items at once, or improper washer settings. Dry your clothes according to the manufacturer’s settings. You can always dry them slightly and then hang your clothes for better results.

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