If you’ve ever gone to put your laundry away only to find a bunch of soggy clothes waiting for you in the dryer then you know how frustrating a no-heat issue can be. There are a lot of different reasons that your dryer may be failing to generate heat. We’ve collected some of the most common problems to give you an idea of what may be going on with your dryer.

  • Circuits: First things first -check your circuit breaker or fuse box. Any maintenance or repairs on your dryer should be handled by a Washington DC appliance repair professional. However, we don’t want to get to you home only to flip a switch. Because electric dryers run on 240 volts, they are run through a dual breaker switch. This switch may be only half off, allowing your dryer to run but not to create heat. Make sure that the circuit is fully on.
  • Thermal Fuse: Inside most dryers there is a thermal fuse. This fuse has 2 contact points on it. Your appliance repairman will perform a continuity check on this fuse to ensure that it has not failed. If the fuse does fail the continuity test, it will be replaced.
  • Heating Elements: Another likely cause of your dryer’s failure to produce heat is a failed heating element. This is a frame that supports metal coils, and it too has two contact points on it. This is where the wires are connected to the rest of the dryer. A break in this coil will result in a lack of heat when the dryer runs. Your Washington DC repairman will check the continuity of this component as well, and if it fails then it too requires replacement.
  • Lint: Chances are that at some point you have been warned about cleaning your dryer’s lint trap after use. Even with regular cleaning, though, lint can still build up around the exhaust duct and vents or your dryer, causing overheating problems. Your repairman will ensure that there is no lint blockage in these vital passageways.

Whatever issue is causing your dryer’s failure to heat, All Pro Appliance Repair can help. Our staff of trained Washington DC appliance repair professional is qualified to perform any service your dryer requires. Call us today to get your dryer working like new.