Here is a quick glossary of common terms from your Manassas appliance repair experts, All–Pro Appliance Repair!
  • Circuit – The route that electrical current takes from its source, to the appliance that use it, back to its source. A single circuit may provide power to several appliance or just one. A circuit must be complete for electricity to flow.
  • Circuit breaker – A safety device, usually taking the form of a switch that can interrupt a circuit and stop the flow of power in unsafe conditions.
  • Compressor – A device that circulates liquid or gaseous refrigerant through a system in order to absorb heat. Air conditioners and refrigerators both use compressors and compressor coils as part of their cooling processes.
  • Condenser – Part of a cooling system in which gas is condensed into liquid.
  • Evaporator – Part of a cooling system where the liquid refrigerant evaporates to a gaseous state as it absorbs heat from the ambient air. Cooling and refrigeration systems consists of a compressor, condenser and evaporator in some form.
  • Filter – A static device that is used to remove particles and/or organisms from a material, usually air or water. A filter may be made of porous material to trap particles, chemicals which eliminate particles or organisms or UV light that destroys microorganisms.
  • Fuse – Like a circuit breaker, a fuse is a safety device that interrupts the flow of electricity at dangerous levels. The fuse contains a filament which melts when the current is too high, thereby interrupting the circuit.
  • Gasket – Also sometimes called a seal, a gasket is a water-tight piece of material that joins to pieces together.
  • Pump – A mechanical device that moves liquid or gas from one place to another. Frequently used in drainage systems.
  • Thermostat – An automatic switch that senses temperature and turns a flow of electrical current on or off in response. Refrigerators, freezers, ovens, air conditioners, furnaces and automobiles all use thermostats to operate properly.
  • Valve – A device that both prevents and allows or other liquid to flow, depending on the state that it is in.

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