Your Arlington, VA washing machine performs only one task, and in performing that task over and over wear and tear is inevitable. There are a number of components within your washer that can be compromised and lead to a leak. At All-Pro Appliance Repair our technicians are trained to diagnose and repair any problems causing your washing machine to leak. When you call us for a repair we’ll ensure that the water in your washer stays in there, not on the floor. Here are some possible causes of your washing machine’s leak.

  • Poor connections or cracks on your drain hose
  • Faulty seal on the door of a front-loading machine
  • Broken or corroded bleach dispenser
  • Damaged washer fill hoses
  • Poor connections on your water inlet valve
  • A leaking pump
  • Mineral deposits or rust on your water inlet valve

None of these issues are very serious. Once the problem is identified by your Arlington appliance repair technician repairs can easily be made to keep your washing machine from leaking. Cheap parts and a small amount of labor make these repairs fairly economical, so before you decide it’s time for a new washing machine be sure to have yours assessed by a professional.

If there is a more serious problem, such as a tub leak, your technician will explain your options. Fixing a tub leak is more complicated to repair than a simple hose replacement. They can occur in different locations of the tub, such as the air dome seal or the center post gasket. If the integrity of your tub is compromised by a hole or other damage, a new washing machine may be your best bet. Replacing a damaged tub is rarely justifiable financially.

One last tip: make sure it’s actually a leak before calling for repair service. A service call is unnecessary if it turns out that your “leak” is really just a case of sudsy overflow. For everything else, call All-Pro Appliance Repair. We’re always happy to help you out in any way we can.