An oven ignitor is the device which a gas oven uses to produce heat.  When there are ignitor switch problems, it is essential to have it fixed quickly to avoid a gas leak.  As a professional Dumfries appliance repair company All-Pro Appliance Repair understands how gas ovens work and can help you to see the main types of igniter switch problems which can occur, as well as providing oven ignitor switch replacement services.

Common Gas Oven Ignitor Switch Problems

Some of the most common gas oven ignitor switch problems that happen are noted below.  Let us help you determine which type of ignitor switch problem you are having and perform an oven repair of an ignitor switch replacement where necessary.

  • Clogged Ignitor:  Debris such as grease and dust could be clogging your ignitor, making it not able to function properly
  • No Gas Flow or Gas Leak:  If there is no gas flowing to the ignitor it will not light, thus there could be a block in the gas flow or a leaky gas line.  Smell for a natural gas leak–because of the compounds the gas company adds to natural gas it will smell like rotten eggs.  Gas leaks are dangerous, so do not use your oven if you smell a gas leak and temporarily turn off the main gas line for safety.
  • Glowing Ignitor:  Some have a glow bar ignition system which will help indicate whether the oven is being activated.  If you have a glow bar ignition system and the ignitor is not glowing than an ignitor replacement may be necessary.
  • Wet Ignitor:  If an excessive amount of water has made the ignitor soggy it will not light but rather will short out.  This will be noticeable with a non-stop ticking sound.
  • Broken Ignition Switch:  A broken ignition switch will cause a continual clicking sound even after the stove or oven is lit.

All-Pro Appliance Repair is a Dumfries appliance repair company that has years of experience working with gas ovens and can easily diagnose your ignitor switch problems.  Our licensed appliance technicians also provide quality oven repairs such as ignition switch replacement for our clients.