If you’re like a lot of people, the most attention you’ve given to dryer lint is when you scrape it off the filter before you put a new load of laundry in to dry. As harmless as it may seem, dryer lint can cause big, expensive problems for your Annandale home. Read on to learn more about what dryer lint can do.

Dryer Lint Overview

Lint is comprised of small shreds and fibers from textiles. During the washing and drying process, little pieces of your clothing come loose. Lint filters in your dryer catch them so they can be disposed of properly. Obviously, not all of the fibers are captured by the filter and escape out a vent system.

Long Dry Times

Most people know to regularly clean the removable lint trap in their dryer. The vent system of your dryer is a lesser known area for lint build up. The vent system allows all of the heated and moist air generated for the drying process to escape outside. Lint can build up here and restrict the air flow. This can cause your dryer to have to work longer to dry all of your clothing. If you notice that your clothing takes longer to dry or that your clothes aren’t getting as dry as they were before, you may want to consider having your dryer ducts inspected and cleaned.

Dryer Overheating

If your dryer’s vents are blocked with lint, this traps all of the hot air inside your dryer. Without proper ventilation, your dryer can overheat. This causes your dryer to wear down faster.

Dryer Fires

If your dryer lint builds up enough it can start to build up inside the dryer’s itself. Lint is incredibly flammable and if it gets hot enough, or if it touches your dryer’s heating element it could ignite. Dryer lint is responsible for approximately 15,000 fires every year. These fires cause not only property damage but can also be fatal.

If you’re experiencing long dryer times or if you suspect that your dryer vents need attention in Annandale, then call All Pro Appliance Repair today.