Gas stoves, or gas ranges, are a common appliance in many Annandale homes.  But just like every other appliance in your home, they are not without problems. We’ve assembled a short list of some of the common problems that our customers experience with their gas stoves. If you have any questions about the gas stove in your home in Annandale, contact All-Pro Appliance Repair.

Burner Doesn’t Light

This is one of the most common complaints that we hear from our customers. If you have just cleaned your stove surface there could be moisture around the ignition that is keeping it from lighting. Each burner has a series of small holes where the gas flows. If these get clogged it can keep the gas from coming through.  A professional can clean these for you. A stubborn burner could also be the result of a pilot light that has gone out. In this case, just relight the pilot and try again.

Pilot Light Goes out

It is somewhat common for a pilot light to go out every once in a while. But if it happens regularly this could be a problem. It could be that the pilot light opening is dirty. Adjusting the pilot light flame can sometimes solve the problem.

Clicking Sound after Burner is Lit

The clicking sound you hear when you turn the burner to the ignite position is the electrode for the igniter. It makes a spark that lights the gas coming out of the burner. After the gas is lit and you adjust the flame, the clicking sound should stop. If it doesn’t  it probably means that water has fallen onto the electrical assembly. This normally fixes itself if you run the burner and let the assembly dry out. If it doesn’t  it may require that the igniter be replaced by an Annandale appliance repair professional.

Gas Odor

Smelling gas odor from your stove can be a serious problem. If you smell gas while the pilot light is not lit, then you should ventilate the room and try to relight the pilot. If you smell gas while the pilot light is lit, it could be that one of the burners isn’t turned off. Check the burners. If the burners are off and you still smell gas, then shut off the gas supply to the stove and call your utility company.

If you have any questions about your gas stove then call All-Pro Appliance Repair today!