Proper oven and stovetop maintenance can help protect your cooking appliances from damage and repair needs. It can even help with performance and extend the life of the equipment if done on a routine basis. Always call a Silver Spring oven and stove repair technician if you need a repair. Attempting to repair a cooking appliance on your own may further damage the unit or cause bodily harm if you don’t have the right equipment or experience with appliance repair, especially for gas appliances.

Call All-Pro Appliance Repair any time if you need a repair for your gas or electric oven or stovetop. We also provide regular maintenance to help keep your kitchen appliances running like new. Here are some tasks you can do to help with this as well.

  • Keep your oven and stovetop clean. Wipe them down after you cook, and once every few months, give your oven a thorough cleaning.
  • Food or liquids that are caked on the gas stove burners can clog the gas jets. If you have a clogged burner on the stovetop, remove the burners and soak them in warm soapy water. Avoid any cleaner that contains chemicals or harsh cleaning agents. Don’t stick foreign objects, such as a fork or toothpick, in the burner holes.
  • For glass stovetops, use a non-scratch sponge and cleaner. Make sure you know how to use the self-cleaning mode on models that include this feature.
  • When cooking on a gas stove, check to make sure the pilot light is on, and turn off burners if the flame is yellow. The flame should be blue at all times.
  • For large spills near the flame, turn off the burner if the flame goes out and make sure the pilot light didn’t go out. If the flame starts to flare up, or if you hear a popping or hissing noise, turn off the burner immediately and let it cool off completely. Once it is cool, clean and dry off the burner and area surrounding it before resuming cooking.
  • If you have any concerns or repair needs, always call a professional for repairs.

Call All Pro Appliance Repair for all your Silver Spring oven and stove repair needs!