Your dishwasher rapidly speeds up the clean-up process on a daily basis. While cooking and eating are enjoyable parts of the family dinner, very few seem to enjoy washing dishes, scrubbing pots, and drying the glassware. As one of the modern kitchen’s most convenient features, you probably have to rely on your dishwasher more than you expect. But there’s something wrong with it, such as a faulty door, it will not only clean your dishes, but it may also leak into your kitchen. Dishwasher doors can be damaged during use, or may undergo enough wear and tear to require repair. Whatever the reason, it’s comforting to know that an appliance expert is a quick phone call away. For dishwasher door problems in Washington, DC, call All-Pro Appliance Repair today.

Because your dishwasher door seals hot water and air, as well as detergent inside your unit, its proper operation is critical. Many dishwashers will not run without a properly sealed door, and it often has the additional function of distributing detergent so your dishes come out sparkling. Let’s take a look at some dishwasher door problems:

  • Worn gaskets. The gasket allows your door to seal tightly against the front frame of the dishwasher. Gaskets tend to become worn during general wear and tear, and this can cause small leaks of water to emerge from the sides of the door. Additionally, you may notice a decreased effectiveness in the drying cycle of your dishwasher, as deteriorated or worn gaskets can increase heat loss.
  • Faulty latches. The latches control the locking mechanism of the door. Your door may not seal properly if the latch is not working, or it may come loose during a cycle. In some cases, the dishwasher won’t start unless it is able to sense that the door is fully locked.
  • Unsprung. If your door’s springs are not in working condition, your door may come crashing down on your feet if you’re not careful. While this seems more like a convenience issue, it can cause increased pressure on your door hinges and frequent use can begin to dislodge the dishwasher from its position under your countertop.

These are just a few of the issues that can arise with your dishwasher door. Call All-Pro Appliance Repair for dishwasher repair in Washington, DC.