Loading your Bethesda dishwasher may seem like a simple enough process, but if done improperly, you risk ruining good dishes and silverware, blocking water flow or having to run the device multiple times, not to mention not having enough items in the dishwasher to start with. Here are some quick and easy tips to ensure your dishwasher is properly loaded the first time.

 Prepping Your Dishes

Start by removing all large pieces of food and residue from dishes. If you can scrape it off with a fork or knife, you should. Do not pre-rinse all dishes – only those that are covered in a large amount of oil or grease that may not come off completely in the device. If there are large pieces of food stuck on that won’t come off with hot water alone, scrub them in advance. As you use your dishwasher, you will start to learn what comes off under heavy washing and what requires additional elbow grease from you – this can make your job easier.

Loading Your Dishwasher

When it’s time to load your dishwasher, start with the plates, fitting them into the slots on the bottom part of the device first. They should all be pointed towards the center of the dishwasher and leaned inward.

Cups, glasses and bowls all go on the top of the dishwasher, stacked against each other in a row based on the placement of the pegs in the tray. When placing any dish, make sure it has an opening on the bottom through which water can reach the surfaces and remove food particles.

Keep in mind that your dishwasher has heating elements on the bottom that can melt plastic so any plastic dishes like tupperware or plastic bowls or cups should go on top. Some items, like teflon coated pans or pots, knives, or anything with paint or patterns pressed into them can be ruined in a dishwasher. If in doubt, don’t place an item in the dishwasher that could be ruined.

Cutlery should be placed handle down in the basket on the bottom, with knives placed on the top rack lying down (to avoid a hazard). If anything doesn’t fit, keep it out of the dishwasher to avoid a blockage.

Your dishwasher is a very efficiency piece of equipment that uses as little water and electricity as possible to clean your dishes. Make sure it is loaded properly and it will do a fantastic job of getting all of your dishes clean. And if you ever need your Bethesda dishwasher repaired, give All–Pro Appliance Repair a call today!