In order for your Washington DC refrigerator to run efficiently and properly, any fridge needs to be level.  It was designed based on usage while being level, thus the reason for the manufacturers to include its adjustable feet.  If a fridge is not level this can cause a variety of problems on many fronts with the use of a refrigerator.

  • Door will not open and close properly, causing wear and tear on the hinges and doors in places where it might not normally have wear and tear.
  • Door seals will not close tightly, meaning a drain in energy costs due to a refrigerator working overtime to keep up with warm air seeping in through the improperly sealed doors.
  • Drainage from the defrost cycle can be hindered causing backups in the water lines.
  • Ice maker might not be able to properly make ice and may spill water inside the freezer during its cycle.

How to Check For Level on a Refrigerator

Leveling a refrigerator is easy to do and only takes a few minutes to accomplish.  It is a simple fix which will save your wear and tear on the fridge, as well as save you money spent in wasted energy costs.

  • Check the side-to-side level first by placing a carpenter’s level across the top of the fridge near the front, but not on the door.
  • Adjust the feet on the refrigerator until side-to-side level is achieved.  This can usually be done with your fingers, but some may need additional leverage with use of pliers or a crescent wrench.
  • Next check the front-to-back level by placing the level across the top of the fridge to one side facing front-to-back.
  • Adjust the feet until front-to-back level is achieved.
  • Finally check that the ice-maker is level.  The last thing you want is the ice maker spilling water all over the freezer.  To create a level ice-maker, loosen the ice-maker’s mounting screws, adjust it for level, and then retighten the mounting screws.

An easy way to tell whether you have leveled your refrigerator properly is that when the doors are opened to a 45-degree angle, they will shut by themselves without any assistance or nudging.  If you’ve gotten this far then congratulations are in order, your refrigerator is level!  Welcome to the world of ice cold drinks and tasty frozen treats that get that way properly and efficiently!

If you run into any problems with your Washington, D.C. refrigerator, give All–Pro Appliance Repair a call!