While our home appliances serve us well over the years, there may come a time when even the most reliable model requires repair. Like all mechanical systems that are electrically powered with moving parts, various components can undergo wear and tear, even if you stayed on top of maintenance and cleaning duties. You rely on your washing machine to work consistently and efficiently.  However, when your washing machine encounters problems, it can be difficult to know exactly what the source of the problem is. That’s why you need professional repair. Call All-Pro Appliance Repair for Rockville, MD washing machine repair today!

Let’s take a look at a few common washing machine problems:

  • Washing machine does not spin: While it sounds like the washer motor is running and water is filling up the appliance, there is no cylindrical motion. The lid of your washing machine has an automatic switch that shuts off the spinning mechanism if your lid remains open. Even if the lid is closed, there might be a problem with this mechanism. Alternatively, the belt that connects the main drive motor to the spinning basket may be worn or loose.
  • Washing machine does not drain: The water in your washing machine basket exits by means of a drain hose. If this becomes kinked or otherwise damaged, then it can impact the ability of your machine to drain. There is also a lint filter that may have built up enough debris to cause a clog. The drainage mechanism operates by means of a pump. If it seizes, or if the belt breaks, then it won’t adequately drain the water in your basket.
  • Washing machine leaks: If it leaks during the spin cycle, then is probably a leak in the drain hose. You may also need to keep an eye on how much detergent you put in your machine. If you find that it’s overflowing with suds, you may need to adjust accordingly. Alternatively, the seals on your front-loading washer may have become worn over years of usage, and may require replacement.

We hope that this list helps you narrow down your issue. For comprehensive Rockville, MD washing machine repair, call All-Pro Appliance Repair today!