Doing laundry is not very high up on most homeowner’s lists of their favorite things to do. When the hamper is overflowing, many people will try to stuff all of that dirty laundry into the washing machine at once. After all, getting it all out of the way at once is better than listening to the manufacturer’s advice about not overfilling your washing machine, right? Well, if you keep doing that then you will not have to worry about doing your laundry at all for a while. At least not until you have your washing machine in Fairfax, VA repaired. Here is some information from All–Pro Appliance Repair about why you should not overfill your washing machine.

When you fill your washing machine to the brim you simply make it more difficult for the appliance to operate. Overfilling your washing machine puts unnecessary wear and tear on the belts and motors that allow your washer to spin the laundry within. If these motors or belts break or burn out you will wind up just soaking your clothes in soapy water rather than really washing them.

You also risk putting your washing machine off balance if you overfill it. This can cause the drum or the agitator in the washing machine to be damaged. Cracking the drum of your washing machine by having it bang around is a serious problem you should avoid at all costs.

Physical damages to your washing machine itself are not the only problems that overfilling it can lead to. If you overfill your washing machine with clothes it may also overflow. It does not take much water to do some damage to your property. We’re guessing that you do not stand in front of your washing machine during the cycle, so you will probably not be keeping an eye on it. Make sure that your washing machine does not overflow by not overfilling it.

For more information about using your washing machine properly and efficiently, contact All–Pro Appliance Repair. We are glad to answer any questions you may have. Keep the washing machine in your Fairfax, VA home in good condition.