As the temperatures begin to drop you may start to notice the inefficiency or ineffectiveness of your heating system. While regular maintenance and high-quality repair services are the best way to regain the quality of performance your heater once offered, some homeowners look for ways to supplement this poor performance instead. At All-Pro Appliance Repair, we believe that everyone should do everything they can to heat their homes in the safest way possible. That is why we want to let everyone know why they should never, under any circumstances, use their oven to heat their Arlington  home.

The basic reason behind this is quite simple. When it comes down to it, your oven simply was not designed to perform this function. Sure, you can enjoy the radiant heat that comes from your oven while you cook dinner. But when people take that practice a step further and use their ovens as space heaters in events such as power outages, a dangerous situation results.

If you heat your home with electricity but cook with a natural gas stove you may be tempted to heat up that oven or even boil pots of water to keep your home warm. This puts your entire house at risk. Your pilot may go out, resulting in carbon monoxide exposure. Someone may spill scalding water on themselves, and there is of course the threat of fire.

An electric stove is no safer to use in this way. Again, no heat source should ever be left unattended for any amount of time. A hot oven or range presents real danger for contact burns, and putting this sort of stress on your oven can also damage the appliance. Operating any appliance in a compromised situation greatly increases the likelihood of malfunction. Keep your home and oven safe. Get your heating system the service it needs to heat your home as it was designed to do.

Please do not misuse your oven in Arlington. Contact All-Pro Appliance Repair to learn more about the dangers of doing so. Get the professional help you need to heat your home safely.