A washing machine has a number of moving parts – far more than you might realize when looking at it from the outside. Together, these moving parts work in tandem to warm the water, turn the inner tub and ensure your clothes are fully cleaned when the load is finished. Here is a rundown of the components in your Silver Spring washing machine and why each one is so important.

  • Counter Weight – The counter weight is attached to the motor assembly to balance out its weight and ensure the motor doesn’t turn unevenly in the system.
  • Electric Motor – That heavy motor is what will turn the inner tub – spinning your clothes when the initial soak cycles are completed.
  • Inner and Outer Tub – The inner tub is where the clothes are placed and where the water accumulates. The outer tub is a second round chamber that surrounds the inner tub and that is bolted to the body of the system. This outer tub protects the rest of the machine from the inner tub moving around and ensures water stays where it should.
  • Agitator – The agitator is the arm in the middle of the inner tub that is attached to the pulley systems that turn the inner tub. In many machines the agitator can turn in both directions to ensure all clothes are cleaned equally.
  • Damping System – The damping system is installed below the tub to absorb some of the vibrations that occur naturally when the tub spins.
  • Cables and Pulleys – This is a series of three pulleys installed, to not only support the weight of the system but to spin the tub when the motor turns.

If a problem should occur with your Silver Spring washing machine, it can be caused by any one of the many components listed above, which is why it is so important to call All-Pro Appliance Repair, an expert you can rely on to get the required repairs done right.