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Your garbage disposal provides you with a lot of convenience in the kitchen, so it’s no surprise that it gets used quite a bit. Over–time, this heavy use unfortunately takes its toll and often leads to problems. Combining an electrical motor, heavy resistance from food items, and sharp, spinning blades is a recipe for disaster if proper maintenance isn’t performed on a regular basis.

If you think there is something wrong with your garbage disposal, the first thing you should do is call All–Pro Appliance Repair. Our Washington D.C. garbage disposal repair technicians have the skills and experience needed to get the job done fast, no matter what the problem.

To keep you garbage disposal from getting clogged there are a few things you can do. Run cold water down the drain before and after use. Be careful what you put down your disposal, avoid fibrous foods and cooking oils. You should also not use it like a garbage can, non–food objects such as bread ties can cause jams. And if your garbage disposal does stop working, it’s always best to call a professional!

Garbage Disposal Problems

There are a variety of issues you may experience with your garbage disposal, all of which we can fix. Some of the more common issues our technicians run across include :

  • Slow Drain – If your garbage disposal drains slowly it is likely due to a clog. Despite the disposal, it is possible for bits of food to get through to the drain, as well as grease which can clog no matter how thoroughly you run the disposal. To remove a clog, you’ll need to remove the sink trap and pull the clog out manually. If the clog is not located in the trap, it is probably deeper in the pipe and you will need a professional’s assistance.
  • Not Working – If your garbage disposal refuses to turn on at all, it is likely because of an electrical overload. This is very common and you simply need to hit the reset switch, located on the bottom of the unit. If the reset button doesn’t fix your problem, the next step is to have a Gaithersburg garbage disposal repair professional inspect the wiring to ensure there are no greater problems affecting your device.
  • Jammed – A jammed garbage disposal can be a difficult issue depending on how thoroughly it is jammed. To avoid the real risk of injury, we always make sure to turn off the device and unplug it from its electrical source before attempting any repairs. Regardless of how badly jammed the disposal is, you can rest assured our techs can fix it.

Garbage disposals are relatively simple devices but a broken one can be frustrating and usually impossible for the average homeowner to repair. For safety and proper service, any type of garbage disposal repair should only be handled by a highly trained and experienced professional.

Garbage Disposal Repair Service

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