Oven Thermostat Services

Your oven has a number of parts designed to keep it running properly. But, there are a few components that, if broken, will make it impossible to use your oven. One such component is the thermostat. As simple as this little device is, if it isn’t working properly, your entire oven will be inoperable.

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Oven Thermostat Problems

Your oven’s thermostat is a small, liquid filled component found in the oven’s control panel. Its job is to sense and respond to the internal oven temperature. So, when you set the oven to 425 degrees F, it should sense when that temperature is reached and then maintain steady electrical or flame supply as long as the device is on.

When your thermostat breaks, your oven will usually under or overcook food. In some cases, it may cause the heating elements to not turn on at all. Fortunately, it is a relatively simple repair, but remember that your range is a large, electrical device and can be very dangerous if not repaired properly. Always call a professional for oven thermostat repair.

Fixing a Broken Thermostat

The first step is to access the broken thermostat, located in the control panel. Your repair person will disconnect your oven from the electrical supply by first turning off the circuit breaker that goes to your oven. This is often a 220 volt breaker (in newer homes) so it can be deadly if not turned off properly.

The control panel is usually on the back of your range (if freestanding), so the oven will need to be pulled away from the wall before work can be done. Some units have front facing control panels however.

It is useful to have the manual for your oven available as the wiring diagram in the manual allows your repair person to check the layout of the wires and test each of them for continuity. Contact terminals are also tested to ensure electricity is flowing properly to all components. If it turns out that the thermostat is the problem, it will be removed and replaced to fix the issue you are having with your oven.

Oven Thermostat Service

As simple as a broken thermostat may sound, remember that your oven is a very complex appliance with a number of electrical components and a complicated wiring scheme. Your repair person should be well versed in all major brands and be able to fully rule out other problems before repairing or replacing your thermostat.

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