Oven and Stove Repair

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Oven Repair and Stove Repair Services

Are you having problems with oven or stove?

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If you need an oven or stovetop repair, give All–Pro Appliance Repair a call. Our expert technicians can repair any gas or electric oven, including wall ovens and cooktops. When we send one of our technicians to your home to repair your oven or stovetop, you can be sure that you’re getting the most reliable Washington D.C. appliance repair service. Call immediately if you notice any problems so we can help you prevent further damages or safety hazards.

Range & Cooktop Repair

Oven ranges and cooktops come in a variety of styles, but they typically use either gas or electricity. The fuel source of the model you choose will depend on the cost of fuel and your cooking preferences. While many homeowners prefer gas ranges and cooktops, electric ranges have fewer parts that can break or need replacement. Some new model gas ranges also have a convection oven option for baking, which helps maintain more consistent heat with an electric fan. Cooktops, on the other hand, are separate elements installed directly into the countertop, and they require slightly different maintenance and repair services.

When something breaks on your range or cooktop, it can usually be repaired to save the cost of replacing the entire unit; however, you should always call a professional Washington DC appliance repair contractor to fix the problem. After our technicians find the cause of the issue, we will provide you with options so that you make an informed decision about which repair or replacement service is the most cost–effective for you. We offer Washington D.C. stove repair and cooktop repair of all makes and models.

Clogged burners are a common problem with gas stove ranges. Food can spill on the burners and block gas ports, thus preventing ignition. If you are cleaning the range, you should make sure you turn off both the gas and the power supply. Remove the burner and soak it with a mix of mild detergent and water, then wipe clean with a soft cloth. Never use a toothpick to clean the gas ports; it can block the port even more if it breaks. Don’t replace the burner until it is completely dry. If a simple cleaning did not fix the problem, call a professional to examine your range.

Gas & Electric Range Repair

Most homes have a gas or electric range, but there are some duel fuel models that use gas and electricity—typically for the fan in a convection oven. Range repairs are different for every freestanding, slide–in, or drop–in range. You should always call an experienced repair technician to take care of any problems you have with your electric or gas range.

Wall Oven Repair

While wall ovens are more convenient for homeowners because they are easier to use, wall ovens can be a little more difficult to repair for technicians who aren’t trained to work with them. Some of the more intricate components may require the technician to remove the unit to access these parts. Our appliance repair technicians will perform your Washington D.C. oven repair as efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to your home and reinstall your unit if we have to remove during the repair.

Oven Door Repair

Regardless of the type of oven you have, the oven door can have as many issues as the heating components. The oven door gasket is a common cause of issues with oven temperature. Defective or deteriorating gaskets can lead to uneven heating and heat loss. You can usually tell when the gasket is not sealing the oven door if you feel heat coming out of the oven around the edges of the door while you are cooking. It’s always best to call a professional technician to test the oven’s components to make sure there’s not another issue with the oven.

Oven Thermostat Repair

If a temperature problem is unrelated to the oven door gasket or hinges, your oven thermostat may have malfunctioned. Also make sure the oven is clean, particularly with gas ovens since clogged burners can cause uneven temperatures. If you’ve checked all of these potential causes, and your oven still isn’t providing adequate heat, it is time to call a professional to resolve the issue.

Oven & Stove Repair Company

Call All–Pro whenever you have any issues with your gas or electric range, oven or cooktop. Our technicians are dedicated to providing the highest quality and most reliable services in Arlington, VA, Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding area. Don’t wait until your oven or stovetop stops working completely. Give us a call as soon as you suspect you might have a problem.

Washington Appliance Guide: Gas vs. Electric Stoves

As with furnaces, there is a lot of debate over whether gas or electric stoves are better. In truth it comes down more to a matter of preference than anything else. Some prefer gas, and others electric: everyone has their own opinion.

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