Many modern kitchens now have built–in microwave ovens. Often installed above an electric stove or in the wall above an oven, a built–in microwave is powerful, convenient and reliable. Unlike cheap countertop microwaves, your built in microwave is a serious investment, and if it isn’t working correctly you should have it repaired quickly. It is likely to cost far less to repair than replace. Whether it is a faulty door latch or a bad magnetron, call All–Pro Appliance Repair for fast and professional service. We have years of experience repairing a wide variety of over–the–range microwaves in homes in the greater Washington D.C. area.

Microwave Problems

A microwave oven is a complex piece of machinery. The core component that heats your food is called a magnetron. The magnetron is a thin tube containing a magnet that channels electricity and generates large amounts of heat. A magnetron is designed to last for years, but if it malfunctions early or simply wears down with age, your microwave will stop heating food effectively. If this happens, the magnetron will need to be replaced.

The doors on built–in microwaves can also cause problems. Because microwaves emit low levels of radiation, they’re designed to not turn on if the door isn’t closed and latched properly. So even tiny things like a bad hinge, jammed latch, or broken switch are actually big problems because they’ll keep the microwave from turning on at all. A door problem is usually easy to fix, but because of the complex nature of a microwave, you shouldn’t attempt to perform the repair yourself. Our expert Washington DC microwave repair technicians are only a phone call away, so let us put our expertise to work for you and get your microwave running again quickly.

Microwave Repair Service

Our skilled professionals will determine the source of any microwave problems immediately and fix them quickly. We will also perform the repair safely, turning off circuit breakers, disconnecting electrical components and using safety equipment to avoid dangerous electrical current while working on the microwave.

Regardless of what brand built–in microwave you have, rest assured that we can fix it because we have years of experiencing servicing all makes and models. From simple lighting issues and door problems to full magnetron replacement, we show up to every job with the tools and parts needed to complete any repair fast. Don’t trust your microwave repairs to just any Washington DC appliance repairman. We have specifically train our technicians to work with built–in microwaves, so call us now to get your microwave working like new once again.

Microwave Repair Company

For those living in Washington, DC, Arlington, Virginia, Gaithersburg, Maryland, VA, MD and washington DC the surrounding area, All–Pro is the company to call for all built–in Microwave Repair Service Company . Our skilled technicians have been repairing microwaves in the region for years. We are experienced in working with every major brand and model of built–in microwave on the market and can get your Gaithersburg mircowave repaired and back in working order quickly.