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GE Microwave Maintenance & Cleaning

Maintaining your GE microwave is as easy as keeping the entire unit clean, inside and out. This will help to prevent hazards and prolong the life of the appliance. Here are some pointers to help ensure that you clean your microwave thoroughly.

You should clean the inside with a moist sponge or cloth after each time you cook with your GE microwave oven. You can also use a gentle cleaner if there’s food stuck on the inside walls or on the turntable, but avoid using chemicals. As with any equipment with electrical components, rubbing alcohol is better for cleaning since it will evaporate before damaging the parts. For extra dirty microwaves, heat up a cup of water inside your microwave oven until the water steams. This essentially steam cleans your GE microwave, and you can try putting in a spoonful or two of vinegar and lemon juice for the best results. When residue from food spillage coats the walls or turntable inside your microwave, it can cause a potential safety hazard. If you notice damage in the main cavity, refrain from using the microwave and give us a call; we’ll be glad to send someone over to look at your microwave.

Clean the outside of your GE microwave the same way you wiped down the inside. Be careful that you don’t get the door latch wet when you clean the outside of your microwave. Overall, try not to let moisture through any openings, such as ventilation holes. The touchpad can also have issues when there’s moisture trapped inside it which can cause other problems with your GE microwave.

GE Microwave Inspection

Along with routine cleaning, you should check your microwave on occasion to see if there are any obvious damages. On top of checking the main cavity of your microwave for damage, carefully check the plug and the cord for physical damage. The next step is to plug it in and make sure it’s not loose.

Aside from keeping your microwave clean, you should also make sure the venting holes are not blocked so that there’s proper ventilation and less chance of overheating. Always call us if you suspect any overheating issues.

You can also listen for strange noises in your microwave to help determine if you may need a repair. For example, squealing noises might indicate that a belt needs to be replaced. If you hear a scratching sound, you may need a new motor. Even though all microwaves make a little noise when in use, give us a call any time your microwave makes an unusual sound. A minor repair could prevent more costly damages to your GE microwave.

GE Microwave Service

The qualified repair technicians at All–Pro make sure to keep up with any new technology so that they can take care of any problems in your built in GE microwave oven. An increasing number of homeowners in Arlington, Virginia, Gaithersburg, MD and Washington DC the surrounding area depend on us for their GE microwave repair service needs and our technicians are always glad to answer any questions or provide our expert advice. Call any time you need repairs on your GE microwave.