A magnetron is a tube in your microwave that uses electricity and magnetic force to create immense amounts of heat. If your microwave suddenly stops heating evenly or isn’t heating at all, it’s very likely that there’s a problem with the magnetron which means you’ll need to call a professional built-in microwave repair technician.

That’s where All-Pro Appliance Repair comes in. Our highly skilled technicians have been working with all major brands of over-the-range microwaves for many years. If you live in the greater Washington D.C. area and you suspect that your magnetron has for some reason stopped working, call us today to schedule a repair visit. Whatever the problem may be, our microwave repair specialists have the training and tools needed to fix the problem fast.

Magnetron Testing

The two most common signs that you’re experiencing magnetron problems is improper heating or the appliance not heating at all. Your microwave may only sporadically exhibit signs of problems at first, sometimes heating your food too much and other times doing nothing at all. In either case, the signs of a problem are usually apparent early. The key is not to ignore them when they start.

If you experience inconsistent food heating issues and you call us for service right away, our technician will start by testing the magnetron. Magnetron testing requires that the technician partially disassembles the microwave, so it is definitely not a task you should perform by yourself. Once the microwave is disassembled, the technician will test the resistance of each terminal and the metal housing of the magnetron terminal. If the magnetron or the surrounding terminals fail these tests, it likely needs to be replaced.

Magnetron Replacement

Rarely can you simply repair a magnetron. When one breaks, the problem is often electrical and the only solution is to replace the entire part. Fortunately, in most built-in microwaves this is a relatively simple process for a well trained technician like those at All-Pro. We’re familiar with all brands and models so we can easily match the right sized magnetron to your microwave and install it in no time.

For the best microwave repair service in Arlington, VA, Gaithersburg, MD and the surrounding area, call us today to schedule an appointment. Whether the actual problem is your microwave’s magnetron or something else entirely, we come to each job with the tools and parts needed to make short work of any microwave repair. Call us at the first sign of trouble so we can get your system running as it should quickly.